17 April 2015
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wow it's been months since my last post, do people still blog anymore? oh well. i'm on twitter, tumblr and goodreads mostly so you can follow me there if you want. life's been pretty okay lately, not much to do since i've graduated from high school and all that. my results were pretty satisfying: i'm not gonna be able to get into like law directly but it's enough to get into my city's top universities so yay? anyway, i still have no idea what i wanna do so for now i'm taking a gap year. it's not bad, i get to go to language schools so i might be able to go to france for uni!

is anyone excited for star wars because i so am!!!! i saw the trailer this morning and it was amaaaaaaaaze i've been thinking about it literally all day

i've been looking for a job and it's so stressful because i don't even want to work??/? bleh i might end up teaching english. we'll see

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