23 July 2016
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hello hi
Sometimes I want to post something, but then I remember that I'm just a broke student with absolutely nothing interesting to do but complain about life and despair over football (except I can't even do that now since it's not football season). Will my history with this blog overcome my laziness, which not even Pokemon Go can do, resulting in my being more active? Stay tuned folks.

My life so far:
  • I suck at Pokego.
  • I'm learning Swedish. I'm already 1% fluent according to Duolingo, sunglasses emoji.
  • I'm now a law student.
  • I tried to become a Film Hoe™
  • of course it didn't work but I did watch a lot of movies in the process.
  • Hit me up with recs!
  • I broke my watch and drove two hours so I could get it fixed under warranty.
  • I'm currently listening to Whitney Houston.

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